Florence, the Medici and the Renaissance

Story of a dinasty.

The Medici ruled Florence for about 300 years, becoming one of the most powerful families in Italy. Like any powerful, they were not loved by everyone… Ambition, intrigues, crimes, betrayals characterize their story. But at the time they had a real passion for art and, sponsoring many famous artists, made Florence a capital of culture.

On this tour we will recall the story of the Medici family, visiting the places related to them, including their mausoleum, the Medici Chapels. Here we will admire the stunning Chapel of the Princes and Michelangelo’s New Sacristy.

3 hours 

At your hotel, if located in the historical centre. If not, we will arrange a centrally located meeting point.

€ 150,00

Medici Chapels:
€ 8,00 p.p.

In advance by PayPal or cash directly to the guide at the end of the tour.

– Dress code at churches: 
to visit any church in Florence, visitors are required to be properly dressed, i.e. with covered shoulders and legs (down to knees).
– Reduced fees for under 18 years old: children/young people under 18 are free to all state museums (like the Medici Chapels) and some local museums. To take advantage of the reduction, an identity card/passport must be shown to prove the age.
– Headsets hire: we recommend headsets hire to groups over 6 people, so that they can enjoy the tour without irritating noise.